Ohhhh I do love risk-takers, especially when it is uber-conservative alberta.

A controversial parody of High School Music is about to open in Red Deer and I can’t wait to see it!  The show is called Zanna Don’t! and it is about a parallel universe where homosexuality is the norm in high school, while the students look-down on the heterosexual couple! Did I mention it is a musical.

It’s like Lost meets Glee!

Now in a bigger city, this show might not be as interesting.  But the musical is being produced in Red Deer, Alberta-one of the provinces most conservative areas.

You gotta admire the actors for having (excuse the pun), the balls to do the show!

After the show’s run in Red Deer (May 27th-June 5th), it moves to Calgary (June 11th to June 20th)

More information is available online at www.atticplayers.com

Mike Morrison

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