>I have already posted more this week than I have ever wanted to about High School Musical. But I just HAD to post this. It is the aforementioned video from HSM2 with Zac Efron’s absolutly hilarious dance. Remember I said that the cheoreographer obviously hates Efron and decided to try to embarass him as much as possible. Well I think it worked. Honestly try to watch it without laughing at least once. Even if you can’t listen to it because you are at work watch the video anyway. If you didn’t laugh at least once, tell me and I’ll send you something.

Here are my favorite moments, as noted by the second they appear in the clip.

:21-Efrons slaps that grass!
:34 genius move
1:04 Efron likes to add skips. This is his first one.
1:33 Efron tempts danger by throwing sand.
1:48 Did a professional really cheoreograph this?
2:00 Ahh dacning while golfing. Multi-talented
2:25 This was Sarah’s favorite. As well it should be. Two Efrons!
3:02 There is NO WAY you didn’t laugh at Efron skipping around the lake adding a little jumpity jump.

Also, you must watch this over and over again. It gets better each and every time!

Mike Morrison