Easily the best part about summer is making sundaes.  Sure you can make them in January, but they just aren’t the same are they?

But if making sundaes isn’t all the fun for you, I get it.  They can be messy…party pooper.  Why not try making a virtual sundae instead?  Better still, why not making a virtual sundae for charity.

The cool folks at Frigidaire (see what I did there) have launched a new inititave in hopes of raising scoops and scoops of cash the Save The Children Organization.  Head on over to their website and make yourself a tasty little virtual dessert.  For every sundae made, the company will donate $1 to the charity that raises funds and operates programs domestically and internationally that focus on the issues of health and nutrition, education, HIV and AIDS, child protection, livelihoods and food security, emergency relief and child rights governance.

Seems like an easy way to help out, no? That’s mine on the right.  You can make your Sunday up until June 16th.

Have fun!


Mike Morrison