Oh Google, you’re soooooooooo sneaky!

The internet giant quietly launched a new movie service yesterday for Canadians on Youtube. It’s so quiet, that you almost have to look for the new ‘Movie’ link beside the launch bar.

For $4.99 each, you can rent new movies like Paul, Soul Surfer, Sucker Punch and Battle: Los Angeles.  Once you rent them, you have thirty days to start watching and once you watch, you have 48 hours to finish!  Older movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Doctor Zhivago and Iron Giant for $3.99 each.  Right now, YouTube has a library of more than 3,000 titles.

Quickly looking through the selection, I’d say it is Okay Plus.  It’s a made up rating system, but basically means that if I had a gun to my head, I could find something to watch, which in itself would be a funny situation.

Obviously this a competitor with Netflix and in a way Shaw Movie Club, but since Shaw Movie Club is naturally only available to Shaw subscribers.

Take a look and let me know what you think?  Are you digging the new way of watching movies, or do you prefer your YouTube to have more cats eating spaghetti!

Mike Morrison