Remember last year when Aerosmith had to cancel a bunch of Canadian dates?  If you don’t, essentially Steven Tyler forgot he was 107 years old, was dancing on a catwalk and fell off.  He was so badly injured that their shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina and Winnipeg all had to be canceled.

Well that was last year and now Tyler has fully recovered and Aerosmith has announced their new Canadian dates.  Correction: date.  singular.  Guesses?  Toronto on August 17th. Obviously.

So what about the rest of the cities that are still owed an Aerosmith concert?  Well they are out of luck.  And instead of having a blog and just whining about it, Keystone Entertainment Group is suing the band for over $6 million!  Keystone was in charge of the concert line-up last year and put a LOT of money into the promotion of the shows.  And since they were canceled and not re-scheduled, the company feels like Aerosmith owes them some money.

Usually I think law suits are pretty stupid, but according to my Law degree from the University of Ally McBeal, Keystone might have a chance at this one.  While it is not clear how much money they spent on promoting the tour, it is hard to argue that they don’t at least deserve that back!

Mike Morrison


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