>Hey Everyone! Guess what starts tonight?


For the love of all that is good. Please watch this show. You will not be disappointed. I’ve never met someone who hasn’t loved this show. I’ve whoreded out my DVDS like…well a whore and everyone loves it. You know who else loves it? Some of the industries greatest writers, here’s proof:

” This is, hands-down, the best show on television right now, and proof that TV can be far better than cinema. The cast is pretty uniformly excellent, and the dialogue crackles. Excellent characterization . In a lifetime of dedicated television watching, “Veronica Mars” is easily one of the five best shows I’ve ever dug.”
-Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob)

“Nancy Drew meets Philip Marlowe, and the result is pure nitro. On what other TV show could you possibly hear a fresh-faced girl detective cry, ”Hi, everybody! Say repressed homosexuality !”
-Steven King. (Uhh everything except for the Bible…I think…)

“Welcome to the funniest and most romantic show on TV.”
-Joss Whedon ( Buffy, Angel, Firefly)

Thats it, I can’t say anything more. Do it.

Mike Morrison