Every now and then I find I have too much time on my hands, it is on these days that I usually find things like this:

Today’s time wasting website is called ‘Stupid Fight’. Basically, you enter two different twitter names, then the system scans the respective twitter profiles and within a matter of seconds, it tells you who has the stupidest Twitter followers.

How do they determine what counts as stupid? According to the sites description: “(it) estimates based on several stupid indicators. Are they using twenty exclamation marks in a row? Do they endlessly use the abbreviation ‘OMG’? Do they seem incapable of working out where their Shift key is?

To test the validity of the site and because I wanted to prove that my “followers” weren’t stupid, I thought @mikesbloggity should go up against someone who would probably have the absolute stupidest followers on Twitter, so of course I picked our Governor General Michaelle Jean (@GGMichaelleJean).

Sadly, as you can see in the results above, I was wrong. Just like when my parents found out I was stupid, I was very disappointed and get dangerously drunk. But I didn’t let it get me down too long. I got up, put on some clothes, had a shot and decided to keep looking.

I am now happy to announce that my twitter friends are officially smarter than:


Sadly, @ehasselbeck is still kicking our asses. It truly is sad day.

Mike Morrison