>I like TV. No secret. And for anyone that knows me or has lived with me knows that I also love to eat out…food (to clarify). Anywhoo….. since Rebecca moved in, I’ve cut way back, eating at the house is alot more fun with you can make fun of Gayle and Oprah with someone. (Side note: did anyone notice Oprah burn Gayle for being desperatly single the other day. Loved. It.) Ok, so this week I’ve been farely busy and not had time to grocery shop, so I’ve been eating out quite a bit. Today I went to the foodcourt down the street to quench my need for Wendy’s. What is normally a relaxed event caused me great stress today. Below are the reasons why:

1. I hate standing in a long line behind fat people(see–> larger) for fast food. “Move aside, you’ve obviously had your share.”

2.I hate when people stand in line for 10 minutes and then don’t know what to order, nor do they have their money out.

3.I hate when 1 person sits at a table for 4.

4.I’m impressed when people can eat, listen to their Ipods and read at the same time. That’s talent.

5.I hate when I sit in someone’s teriaky sauce. I like it on rice. Not my pants.

6.I hate the people around that knew about the sauce on the chair, and didn’t tell me. There is a special place for people like you.

7.I’m currently in the process of filling out my Deal or No Deal Application. Why do people feel the need to talk to me during this process. I’m obviously busy and please don’t look at my answers.

I’m sorry for the particular anger in this entry. “I just wanted to eat my supersized fries!” (Please read the preceeding sentance as an angry black woman, because that is how I said it in my head.)

Mike Morrison