There is no denying the Idol franchise. It is HUGE. It has produced grammy, golden globe, American Music Awards and one singular Oscar winner.

Then there is Canadian Idol.

While the contest winners of Canada’s version of the popular talent show haven’t reached the status of superstardom like with our neighbors to the south (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry), it has produced several very talented contestants and tonight at a bar out on McLeod Trail three of the more successful Canadian Idols performed in support for the Calgary Food Bank and I was there to watch it all. (For journalistic purposes only).

This evening Snatch Rock Bar and Energy 101.5 hosted the event which had the talents of Canadian Idol runner up Rex Goudie and two different winners of Canadian Idol, Kalan Porter and Brian Mello.

Rather than bore you with the minute by minute replay of the three performances, I thought it would be important to share with you the 8 things I learned by spending a night with three Idols.

1. When people are that talented, it doesn’t inspire me. It just reminds me how bad of a singer I actually am. Sigh.
2. I am taller than Rex Goudie. (I look for the small victories)
3. Kalan Porter is funny. He also owns the night’s best quote: “I love Snatch!” (Please take note of the name of the bar above.)
4.Rex Goudie is no longer dating Canadian Idol winner and Calgarian Melissa O’Neil. But Brian Melo is dating this year’s 6th place finisher Tara Oram. (Why I feel like is this useful information is lost on me.)
5. And who is Kalan Porter dating? See #3
6. Women of all ages (and one creepy man) screamed with joy all night for all three of the performances. (Although Kalan definitely won the popularity contest.)
7. Kalan Porter and Rex Goudie each played their own instruments.
8. Brian Melo still wears those stupid hats.

Mike Morrison