>Today marks the final day of the Calgary Stampede and even though I’m in New Brunswick right now, I’m still recovering from the annual “why do I still think I’m 19?” party.

Somewhere between the deep fried jelly beans, hot beef sundae, tornado potato, 36 mini donutes and the crack-beer they serve at the grandstand, I realized that my body and soul are happy that Stampede is coming to a close.

But apparently a lot of people didn’t even check out stampede this year. As of Saturday, attendance was down a whopping 40,000 people! Sure the weather hasn’t been that great, but still, we are talking about mini-donuts here people, rain does not keep people away from mini-donuts!

So where did the people go? Have the animal rights people finally sunk their those rodeo lovers? Was it just too expensive? Don’t you like being thrown up on?

Why didn’t you go to the Stampede this year? Deep Fried Jelly Beans!

Mike Morrison