>The theme is country tonight and Martina McBride is helping our little American Idolites out. For those of you who don’t watch Canadian Idol, Martina is becoming quite the Idol whore. Fans will remember that last summer she mentored Canadian Idol’s best. She even took eventual winner Eva Avila under her wing and will let her open for her during her concerts all year long.

Martina worked with Phil first and noticed what we’ve noticed all year long. Phil can really only sing the end of a song when it gets to the big boisterous notes. I couldn’t help notice that Phil took my advice and let the hat go. That aboy Phil. This wasn’t Phil’s worst performance, but it was pretty boring. I definitely didn’t like his song choice. Nor did I like Simon pinching Paula’s knows during Paul’s performace. But beggers can’t be choosers.

Jordin Sparks is a brave one by selecting Martina’s very own song. But she also picked safe. Jordin picking a balad is like me buying 85 SPF sunscreen. It just makes sense. Also has anyone noticed that Jordin kinda looks like Ugly Better, I mean of course when she gets her eventual makeover. Regardless Jordin kicked this songs ass. I can definitely see this girld on Broadway some day.

I’m not a violent person. I’m not. But Sunjaya makes me want to not only hurt myself, but hurt everyone around me. Especially if I am in a room with Sunjaya. Violent? Maybe. Deserved? Absolutly. Although during his performance of “Let’s give them something to talk about” I thought it was great to see Sunjaya going after the homeless vote. Seriously, did you see what he was wearing? I think I threw that shirt out 5 years ago. Do you find it weird that Ryan was more upset than Sunjaya was about Simon’s comments? Oh well, it’s a fruitless argument. See you next week Sunjaya.

I think Lakisha was brilliant with her choice of Jesus Take the Wheel. Support for her has been waynight lately and how better to get us back then remind us where this single mom came from. She belted this song out as best as she could. I don’t think it was as moving that Lakisha had the opportunity to make it, but I certainly think she did a great job with it.

Chris Richardson is up next. When I heard that he was picking Rascall Flatts, I was hoping he would have picked the one Carrie Underwood sang with the band during her finale. You know, just to complete the Carrie Underwood segment. But he had to pick a song, I’ve never heard of. And I think for Chris who seems to be near the bottom of the vote pile than the top of it, should have picked a more popular song that people could sing along with, or at least remember when they are making their votes. I thought he did a good job with it, but I just hope it was enough to out last the Samosa.

I’ll be honest, I went pee during Melinda’s performance. But I did it cause I knew what it would be. It would great, fun, enegetic and typical Melinda. And judging from the judges comments, I wasn’t off base. I love that Simon called her on her “acting” surprised. Enough was enough.

For me Blake was the best tonight. This is the kind of song, I will illeagily download and listen to every now and then. I agreed with the judges. You always know when Blake is performing because he makes the songs his own. Although it was super awkward that Simon brought up the Virginia Tech incident when he did. I thought Ryan’s approach to it was appropriate, and Simon’s was just ill timed.

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Going Home:
Lakisha. (That’s right I went there.)

Mike Morrison