Is Justin Bieber going to be a Broadway star?

Let’s all hope not.

But that’s going to stop producer producer Cameron Mackintosh from trying.  Mackintosh told the Toronto Star, that when Les Miserables returns to Toronto next year, he would love it if Bieber played a role in the all-Canadian production, saying, ““I would love to hear Justin Bieber sing ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.’ Please spread the word that he’d be more than welcome in the show.”

Thankfully, that doesn’t sound like formal offer.

We know it will never happen, so let’s talk about the more exciting news, Les Miz is returning to Toronto! This, by far, is my favourite musical of all time. Growing up, my family used to drive from New Brunswick to Montreal all the time, and we only had two cassette tapes. One of them was the original recording of Les Miserables and I was obsessed. Not like those crazy Pearl Jam fans, but I’ve seen the show five times, once in French, and I’ve loved it more and more everytime.

Not that I need another excuse to go to Toronto, but a Bieber-less Les Miserables but just do the trick.

The all-Canadian production opens at Royal Alex in July, 2012.

Mike Morrison


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