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I’ve never really been affected by the Calgary worker shortage. Besides the obvious long lines at McDonalds and sometimes having to ring myself in at the Gap, I’ve generally been unbothered by this crisis effecting Canada’s fastest growing city.

That was until yesterday. I had agreed to meet a friend at a downtown Starbucks to catch up and decided that since I bought a brand new Mac just the day before, that this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out.

This may sound confusing, but let me explain. Ever since I watched my first few episodes of Felicity, I’ve wanted a Mac. I’ll admit it; I’m shallow and superficial. When it comes to my yuppiness. The other day someone explained to me why people buy Macs. He explained simply, “Because they want to look like Yuppies.”
I bought my Mac the next day. It’s not my fault I think Macs look cool and that maybe by association people might think the same about me. I blame any show that was ever on UPN or The WB.

So there I was at Starbucks, like so many before me, getting ready to pull out my new Mac. I walked up to the counter to order my Chai Latte, the only thing I know how to order at Starbucks, when the barista quickly informed me that they were closing because they did not have enough staff to stay open for the rest of the day.

“What?” I quickly responded, “But I have my Mac.”
“Excuse me?”
“Um, I mean I want a snack.”
She apologized again and suggested a Starbucks that was open down the street.

OK, I’ll admit it, the above interaction didn’t happen, but it would have been funnier if it actually had right? Truth be told I slugged back to my table and waited for my friend to show up.

As my world began to crumble around me, I became lost in my own “Starbucks closing early” thoughts. I thought about returning my new Mac. I mean was the point if nobody was going to see me use it? You know those guys you see there sitting with there computer in coffee shops and you wonder what could they possibly be working on in a coffee shop that can’t be worked at home? Well, I wanted to be one of those guys. Where was I going to write my first novel that would inspire the dreams of thousands, maybe millions? Or play on Facebook? My point being is this: How is it that we can live in a city that sells Macs and has Starbucks that close early? Those two go hand in hand like: Ralph Klein and Jack Daniels, or Stampede and vomit on your open toe sandals.

I kind of think of our Premiere sort of like how some people think of God. They only really think of him when they are need of something. Well Ed Stelmach. I need something. I need you to get workers out here now. I don’t care how you do it, because this Mac cost me a lot of money and if I can’t bring to Starbucks, then I don’t know why I even have it.

Mike Morrison