Just as summer is wrapping up, the first of the Summer blockbusters are hitting the DVD shelves.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine is on Blu-Ray with some cool features, including an interview with Stan Lee.
The problem with Wolverine is that we instantly compare it to the first two masterful X-Men movies, so obviously it’s going to fall a little short. But as a stand alone movie, it does quite well on it’s own. Out of all the current X-Men characters, there really isn’t any stronger and more interesting character than Wolverine, especially when played by the reliable Hugh Jackman.
The movie is especially great on BluRay, so if you are slowly adding to your collection, this is must own.

Also available on DVD today is the first two seasons of Fame, which is getting a movie remake that comes out next week. The show is thankfully not on Bluray, because lord knows we do not need to see all that 80’s fashion disasters in high definition. This show is pure campy fun, but even after all this years it still reminded me about my failed modern jazz dance career.

Mike Morrison