>As many of you know, I had to get my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Even though everyone said it would be okay, I was still really nervous. I had never been a patient of anything before, so I couldn’t imagine what the experience would be like.

I’m not going to lie, the first day sucked. It sucked really bad, it took a couple of hours for the painkillers to kick in, but once they did, things started to get a lot better.
But then the swelling came. The swelling didn’t turn, but it sure was funny.

Friday afternoon:
Saturday afternoon:
Sunday afternoon:

You’ll notice that by Sunday I began to have an un-canny resemblance to Bill from Guess Who? Thanks to Kelly in Toronto for pointing that one out!
But I wanted to write this blog post to let everyone know, it is really not that bad. I was stupid and over researched it, it’s a common procedure that if nothing else, allows you to slow down for a couple of days and get caught up on your sleep!
A big giant thank you to all my friends that came and took care of me. The biggest thank you ever to Janice, who picked me up and was able to calm me down, not always an easy thing to do!!!

Mike Morrison