After months of videos, auditions and interviews, Canada is about to be subjected to the world’s most famous big red balls.

Maybe I should be more specific.

Wipeout Canada premieres Sunday night on TVTropolis.   (Take a second, and pretend it was five years ago, how weird is that previous sentence, yet now, it makes total sense. Funny.)

When the show premieres tonight, I think you’ll be surprise how great the show looks.  Besides being shot in a different location (Argentina), Wipeout Canada has the look, feel and hilarity of its american-counterpart that we’ve all grown to love.

What could have easily been a really cheap rip-off, is instead a show saved but the shockingly scary and funny Canadian contestants and the equally hilarious hosts, which include: Jonathan Torrens, Ennis Esmer and Jessica Phillips.

But with the success of Wipeout Canada, I’m left with just one big question: Where is the Amazing Race Canada already?!

Mike Morrison


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