I’d actually never heard of James Struthers before today, but when his video showed up my inbox, I had to check it out.  Why?  Well, because it’s called “You, Me and Optimus Prime.”  How could you not click on that?  Even more surprising than the name of the song, was the fact that it not just a comedic song, it’s actually a really nice diddy (I can still use that, right?) about a man who has a special friendship with everyone’s favourite robot.

Haters of the Transformers movies will probably love this video much more the films because the leader of the Autobots is really, well, in his prime.

Struthers is a 22 year old singer from Winnipeg, who’s already toured the country 5 times, released 2 EPs, 4 music videos, and has cracked the Canadian AC charts with his festive single ‘Blue Christmas’ in under 2 years. You know it’s interesting, this is really the kind of world that we live in now, isn’t it?  For musicians to stick out, they have to be creative and how better to stick out than to write a great song and produce an even better video about Optimus Prime? (There’s an acoustic version of the song available too…where James is randomly singing in a bathtub!)

Hope you have as good of a time listening to the song as I did.


Mike Morrison


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