I was doing an interview a few weeks ago, and they asked what kind of Christmas gifts made the most memorable ones, and I said experiences.  I love them because you can share them with the person who is giving you the gift, and long after it’s over, you’ll have photos and memories to last you a lifetime. 

And that’s exactly how I felt this past weekend, when I was invited by Pursuit to experience their Winemaker’s Dinner at the Banff Gondola.  And who I am to say no to an invite that includes my favourite words: wine, dinner, Banff and gondola. I enjoy all of those things individually, so to be able to experience them all at once was truly a treat. 

If you know me, I don’t pretend to be a wine expert, but the night we went, it was with the Culmina Winery and as I looked around the room, I could see that people loved every drop. As did I, just don’t ask me about the wine’s essence or tannins. 

For those looking for an amazing experience, whether it be a pre-Christmas gift or just a treat during the busy holiday season, I really think you can’t go wrong with these dinners. 

On top of delicious wines, guests enjoy a special 7 course winemaker’s dinner at award-winning Sky Bistro at the Banff Gondola summit. To get there, you’ll get to enjoy the Banff Gondola, complete with fleece blankets to keep you extra warm on the way up.  

Once there, you’re free to explore the summit, watch the sunset, and then enjoy your dinner. Throughout the evening, I found myself running between enjoying the stunning views atop Sulphur Mountain, and the equally stunning views put on the plates in front of me. 

There’s just something so special about a mountain top dinner, it’s easy to understand why these unique experiences are so popular. 

This wonderful opportunity to explore the Rocky Mountains like never before lasts for three more weeks, with a different vineyard to enjoy. 

Here’s a quick video highlighting my experience at the Winemakers’ Dinner. Not that I could ever forget it.

Mike Morrison