This post is sponsored by The Rec Room

Do you dream of donuts?
What if you could customize your own donut? What would you put on it? What would you put in it?

Well, Cineplex’s The Rec Room is offering you a chance to create a donut of epic proportions, and if yours is chosen as the winner, they’ll serve it for the entire month of March!

Even better? The winner gets to enjoy their donut for the entire month for free! But that’s not all. The winner of the Make My Donut contest also gets one $200 gift card to The Rec Room, two ZOX game tags with $50 in credits and one Moscow Mule cup.

To enter, head to the The Rec Room’s Facebook page and click on the #MakeMyDonut tab. Then, simply enter the details of your dream donut and you’re entered.

Need some help dreaming up your ingredients? Here’s some of my preferred ingredients to help get you inspired:

-Lobster Roll.
-Deep and Delicious Cake
-Spring Roll.
-McChicken Sauce
-Butterscotch candy.
-Sour Patch Kids.

Honestly, you should just suggest all of those. If you win, I promise I’ll come and eat it with you.

If you haven’t been to The Rec Room since it opened in Calgary a few months ago, it’s honestly one of the most fun things you can have. It’s basically the return of the iconic arcade but with games fit for 2018 tech-savvy gammers and some other unique offerings. On top of being the coolest arcade you’ve ever seen, it’s probably the biggest: 9,000 square feet of arcade/VR/augmented reality games. On top of that, there’s also two restaurants and room for concerts. So while you’re devouring your daily donut, I have no doubt you’ll have lots of ways to spend your $200 gift card that also comes with winning the dream donut contest!

Mike Morrison