It’s no secret that Calgary is an oil and gas city.   But like with everything, Calgary is beginning to change, evolve and diversify.  And I for one couldn’t be more excited.  obviously the oil and gas industry is the main driver of this city, but what does the industry look like as as the world’s wants and needs are seemingly changing by the year.

That’s the idea behind a new event that’s coming to Calgary in May.  It’s bringing oil and gas innovation together and it’s bringing Sir Richard Branson with them!

On May 15th 2018, The Energy Disruptors event will bring together energy trailblazers from around the world for two full days, of fascinating discussion on the future of oil and gas. And yes, Sir Richard Branson will be speaking. And it’s impossible to have conversation about technology innovation without including Sir Richard Branson, so it’s sure to be an amazing event.

Check out the full line up speakers, which includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, technology experts and energy trailblazers.

Until May 2nd, tickets are $749. And there’s student tickets for $199. 


I actually think this might be the biggest contest I’ve ever had on the blog. I’m thrilled to be giving away two VIP tickets to the conference that takes place at the Big Four Round House. VIP tickets include:

• Unlimited access to speaker lounge – mingle with Speakers, Sponsors & VIPs
•Access to the exclusive VIP evening networking event with sponsors, VIPs and speakers inc. Sir Richard Branson
•Reserved VIP seating for all general sessions and exclusive VIP only breakout sessions
•Express conference check-in & registration
•Complimentary food and beverages

The combined value of this prize is $7,000!

Contest will close May 9th, 2018.

To enter, head to the comments and leave a note saying why you find Sir Richard Branson inspiring.

Mike Morrison


  1. Sir Richard Branson’s holistic approach to life and entrepreneurship has challenged the status quo. He is a visionary with a focus on improving the lives of his customers. Branson’s words, “Great thinkers don’t act solely with their own interest in mind; they drive change to affect society for the better” really resonates with me. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and human being, he really seems to “get it”. He is best known for his unique approach to business innovation but I admire his dedication to a balanced lifestyle with a strong focus on the value of family and health above all else.

  2. The Energy Disruptors event is not to be missed for multiple reasons. The fact that Richard Branson is speaking tops that list.
    10 reasons Richard Branson is an entrepreneurial hero and mentor inspiring myself and countless others:
    1) Branson has built 400 businesses so far without a loss of enthusiasm
    2) Not just a disruptor of industries but pushing boundaries creating evolved enterprises
    3) Branson’s companies empower employees to take chances
    4) Embracing failures to move forwards, experimenting, and constantly learning
    5) A changemaker intent on making the world a better place
    6) Branson embodies the playful mindset
    7) Makes the most of every day
    8) Differentiates his businesses with style
    9) Richard Branson prioritizes a positive work culture with both a compelling employee and customer experience
    10) One of many favourite quotes and success lessons “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”

    Inspiring is an understatement.

  3. I personally find that Sir Richard Branson’s ability to move progressive ideas forward and his desire to take risks to be incredibly inspiring. His commitment to renewable fuel development, net zero emissions and reducing carbon footprints are all examples of walking the talk. He is the epitome of positive disruption and sets a great example, even in his eccentric ways.

  4. His legacy speaks for itself, not only has he accomplished great things but he has had an incredible influence over countless others becoming extraordinary contributors to a culture of innovators.

  5. Sir Richard Branson is not only inspiring in the traditional business sense. He takes things we deem to be too taboo or too risky and does them for his business, for the world, and for a good laugh. From promoting Virgin Cola by taking on behemoths like Coca Cola to successfully winning against British Airlines, Richard has taken the Virgin Brand to the edge of what is possible. The most inspiring part is that he continues to push humanity through technology like the hyperloop! An opportunity to attend EDU2018 as a VIP would be a phenomenal experience for an ambitious student from Calgary!

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