It’s no secret that Calgary is an oil and gas city.   But like with everything, Calgary is beginning to change, evolve and diversify.  And I for one couldn’t be more excited.  obviously the oil and gas industry is the main driver of this city, but what does the industry look like as as the world’s wants and needs are seemingly changing by the year.

That’s the idea behind a new event that’s coming to Calgary in May.  It’s bringing oil and gas innovation together and it’s bringing Sir Richard Branson with them!

On May 15th 2018, The Energy Disruptors event will bring together energy trailblazers from around the world for two full days, of fascinating discussion on the future of oil and gas. And yes, Sir Richard Branson will be speaking. And it’s impossible to have conversation about technology innovation without including Sir Richard Branson, so it’s sure to be an amazing event.

Check out the full line up speakers, which includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, technology experts and energy trailblazers.

Until May 2nd, tickets are $749. And there’s student tickets for $199. 


I actually think this might be the biggest contest I’ve ever had on the blog. I’m thrilled to be giving away two VIP tickets to the conference that takes place at the Big Four Round House. VIP tickets include:

• Unlimited access to speaker lounge – mingle with Speakers, Sponsors & VIPs
•Access to the exclusive VIP evening networking event with sponsors, VIPs and speakers inc. Sir Richard Branson
•Reserved VIP seating for all general sessions and exclusive VIP only breakout sessions
•Express conference check-in & registration
•Complimentary food and beverages

The combined value of this prize is $7,000!

Contest will close May 9th, 2018.

To enter, head to the comments and leave a note saying why you find Sir Richard Branson inspiring.

Mike Morrison


  1. Sir Richard Branson is an inspiration to everyone. At a young age he saw how to change the future and new how to act to continue being successful. With motivation and a desire to see things through, Sir Richard Branson is on my Bucket List to meet and I would love for it to be now, in Calgary, at EDU2018!

  2. Sir Richard Branson’s desire to find opportunities for disruption and innovation is inspiring. I believe the future of Calgary (and Alberta) depends on our ability to identify potential disruptions and be agile enough to embrace innovations. It would be a privilege to see Sir Richard Branson speak and learn from a master of disruption.

  3. I would love to see Sir Richard Branson speak – it’s hard to think of many others that have been so publicly visible and at the forefront of disrupting multiple industries for so long. I’m inspired that Sir Branson continues to stay positive and genuine in his approach – despite his fame and riches he continues to use his position to help people and communities most in need and empower those around him.

  4. Sir Richard Branson inspires others to be leaders and that is one of the biggest gifts that you can give to individuals and society at large!

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