>Tonight, during my plethora of reality TV show watching, (seriously, does anyone else cry just at the opening credits of The Biggest Loser….no? awkward.), anyway while my roomie and I were watching the TV tonight we were inundated with commercial after commercial for The Resident Evil:Extinction movie. I honestly don’t think there is a cooler trailer out there right now. I mean of course besides Across The Universe. Every time there was a commercial break it seemed that Mila Jovovich was all over my TV shooting, what I can only assume, are zombie birds and the millions of infected people that were already infected in the first two movies in the series. I don’t know what it is about zombie movies, but I have been such a sucker for them ever since that chick from Road to Avolea shot that baby in the head in the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

The first time Resident Evil movie I saw was with my friend Jessica (who is on location with The Trailer Park boys this weekend! so cool Jess, so cool!) I went to watch zombies get shot, I think she went because I might have paid for her ticket just so she’d go with me. I’ve been known to do that once and a while….ahem, prom-date.

I honestly can’t remember who I saw the second one with which makes me think that I probably went by myself. Which might have been a little sad, except for the 2nd one was just as kickass (awful) as the first one.

And now with only two sleeps till the third one opens up I am desperately looking for someone to go with! Anyone…..anyone……I’ll pay. OK, I won’t pay full price because I have a buy one get one free ticket, but still. Free movie for you?!?!

Also, don’t forget Survivor:China starts Thursday night! Bonus points to anyone that can name the winner of last seasons survivor without googling it. Yah that is what I thought.

Lastly, Wednesday was the 2nd highest viewed day ever of Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob!!! Thanks to everyone! Also special thanks to those who read this on facebook and click over too see the blog too (the formatting is waaaaay better over here!)

Mike Morrison