I hate it when press releses make me feel old.
Case in point:
Who the hell is this person?

No seriously, try to guess. He was on MuchMusic today and he is important enough for them to send out a press release about him,\-with TWO photos. So who is he?

Yeah, I had no clue either.

So I kept reading the press-release:
  • His name is Liam Hemsworth. Who?
  • He is starring in a new movie called The Last Song. What?
  • His co-star is Miley Cyrus. Finally, we are getting somewhere.
  • And he is dating her too.

That explains a lot.

For me, this press release confirmed two very important things: I should really get around to renewing my YM subscription and I now officially fit the demographic of MuchMoreMusic.
I’m screwed.

Mike Morrison