>While in Canada this weekend, superstar hockey player Sidney Crosby got three very different marriage proposals.

In Calgary, the first proposal came from a beautiful blonde named Kristyne De Mott. She showed up to the Flames game looking like this:

The next night, this man did the same thing in Edmonton.

And not to be outdone, another guy showed up to the Vancouver ready to settle down.

So with so many marriage proposals, how is Sidney supposed to decide who to marry. I mean obviously his family would be happy if he married a Canadian, but which one? He would probably be inclined towards the girl because she is in possession of something he is interested in. A vagina. I’m talking about a vagina.

But does that mean the guys have no shot? Who is to say? I mean who knows, maybe Sidney is looking for more of a challenge. And the guy from Vancouver promises no pre-nup. That has to be impressive right?
So who do you think Sidney should marry?

Mike Morrison


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