Do you want to talk about Charlie Sheen?  I don’t really,  I mean what is there to say?  That man is a mess. But thankfully he has been fired and besides cheesy internet shows, I don’t think we’ll have to deal with him for a while.

So what happens to the show next?

Look, we all know that the show should 100% be canceled but money is money and if CBS can try to squeeze one more season out of it, you know that they will.  So the question then becomes, who can come somewhat close to playing a similar mess like Charlie Sheen’s character and more specifically, which Canadian?

Here’s a few possible suggestions:

Allan Hawco: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know he is on the very successful Republic of Doyle, which has already been renewed for a third season. BUT the seasons are only 13 episodes and I’m sure the females of North America would not mind the extra exposure. Hawco has the bad boy character down pat and his accent would add some edge to the very bland comedy.  After all, couldn’t all american shows do with a little more of the Newfoundland accent?


Pat Mastroianni: One question: How can this country’s most iconic actor not be a regular on network television?  I mean, surely one of the millions of Canadians that grew up watching him is a network exec by now and not one of them has felt the same urge to bring Pat back to TV? And what better place to land then a role that essentially brought Charlie back from the brink? I’m not too famliar with the plot of the show but I’m pretty sure people are always excited when a funny bald guy shows up…or at least that’s what I’m banking on…. for the rest of my life.


Robb Wells: Uhhhh do I really need explain this one? I mean, really, he is perfect! BUT only if he got to do the show as Ricky.  I’m sure the actor would love to get away from playing trailer park trash but I’m also pretty sure that the Hollywood sized paycheque might get him to think otherwise.


Almost made the list: Christopher Crabb (Danger Bay), Sebastian Pigott (Being Erica), Paul Gross (Due South)

Mike Morrison