>Since I have been taking care of the binge eating lesbian yorkie (now on the rag), I’ve been doing everything I can to feel as masculine as possible. Of course, this obviously means ignoring the fact that I spent Sunday decorating for Christmas and watching Love, Actually.

Anyway, as a part of this on-going process, I went down to the local video store and rented The Army of Darkness. My friend Chris and I have spent the last couple of Mondays catching up on the Evil Dead movies in an effort to be prepared for Evil Dead: The Musical when it comes to town next year. Next week we move on to the original Dawn of the Dead. Other suggestions are always welcome.

I wish someone had taken a picture of me renting Army of Darkness holding a 4 pound yorkie wearing diapers. I’m sure some people would pay a lot of money for something like that.

While I was sorting through the horror movies I came across a movie called Snuff Movie. And it got me to thinking, who would rent this movie? If people who actually watch real snuff movies are considered weird, what about the people who rent feature films that are about snuff movies. Isn’t it sort of the same thing? Yes, I realize that the featured movie wouldn’t actually kill real people, but that’s obviously what the person that rented that movie is looking for.

The movie was made in 2005 and I kinda think it might have been made by the FBI to catch people who are into that sorta thing. On a personal note, please do not google Snuff-Movie, whatever you are looking for will end up disturbing you more than you could ever imagine. Especially if you add “DVD cover.” You’re welcome.

I’m glad I decided to stick with my original Army of Darkness selection. That movie was weird and awesome all at the same time. I can’t wait for the musical, which is rumored to be getting turned into a movie as well!!!

Either way, please add Snuff Movie to my list of do not buys for Christmas!

Mike Morrison