Superheroes. They seem to be everywhere now a days. Between The X-Men Movies, the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, the kickass Spiderman 3 preview and of course television’s newest hit NBC’s Heroes, there are more superheroes around then ever!

So why now? Why are superheroes so popular? We love stories about the ordinary becoming the extraordinary! Who hasn’t pretended they are Wolverine, or practiced their slaying skills after a kickass episode of Buffy? So where does Hollywood get all their ideas? Perhaps these great stories of fiction are not as fictitious as they would like us to believe. What if some of the Hollywood’s biggest hitters were actually keeping their own superpowers secret from us?
In anticipation for tonight’s fall finale of Heroes, here are some possibilities for Hollywood’s best kept secrets!

Matt Parkman/Oprah (Telepathy)
Besides how much they look alike, Greg Grunberg’s Matt and talk show host Oprah seem to have a lot more in common. The way she manipulates us?!? It’s uncanny! If she isn’t the mind reader, I don’t know who is! Is there anyone who doesn’t look forward to watching those promos for the “Next All New Oprah” They are almost better then the shows themselves. It’s like she knows what we wants before we even do. Although if she could really read our minds, she would have ditched Gayle, a LONG time ago!

Nathan Petrelli/Scarlotte Johansson (Flight)
Little is known about Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) gift of flight, except of course that it is shared with Scarlotte Johanssen. I swear this girl is every where. How does she have the time to be in so many movies? She puts Ron Jeremy to shame! The ability to appear all over the world, can only be explained by the gift of flight. This may be just speculation, but I’m pretty sure Richard Branson has something to do with it! (Virgin my ass!)

Peter Petrelli/Kevin Federline(Mimic)
Much like the younger Petrelli, Kevin Federline seemingly has the power to mooch off of others. Really, does this need an explanation? That and crazy aggressive sperm. I don’t know if that counts as a super power, but look out Lindsay, he’s on the prowl.

Niki Sanders/Lindsay Lohan(Split personality)
Speaking of Lindsay, I feel like her and our Hero Niki both share the power of multiple personalities. Only Lindsay can do a promo for a kid friendly Herby: Fully Loaded and later be found partying in the back seat of said Herby. No car should never ever know such moves. On the shoulder of life, is she an angel or the devil? Only time will tell.

Claire Bennet/Madonna (Invincibility)
Besides sharing a sad taste for fashion, Madonna and The Cheerleader seem to share more in common then we might think. Claire’s invincibility has obviously been inspired by the Material Girl’s rejuvenated career. Can nothing take this woman down, and who doesn’t want to see her actually wearing a cheerleader costume! (I know there is an easy cheerleader joke there somewhere, I just can’t find it!) Plus, who can resist a super hero who saves/adopts babies?

Mike Morrison