>First, a quick re-cap! My cousin and I had a great long weekend. We enjoyed the mountains and even spent the night at the Banff Springs Hotel. Unfortunately, I was sick the entire time and when I came back to Calgary I went to the walk in clinic. He tested me for streap throat, but it looks like I’m in the clear. The best part was that he gave me this sweet medicine and freezes my throat and tongue. I don’t really know what purposes it serves, but it’s tons of fun. This medicine is officially on my addiction-watch.

But if I was going to be sick, I think this is a good week to stay in and not feel guilty about watching so much TV!

Monday night:
2 hours of 24 (finale)
1 hour of Heroes (finale)

Tuesday night:
2 hour season/series finale of Veronica Mars
1 hour American Idol finals

Wednesday night
2 hour season finale of Lost
2 hour season finale of American Idol

Combined that is a total of 10 hours of TV! In three days!? Will I be doing this venture alone? Will someone be glued to their TV as much as I will? Luckily this Wednesday is the last day of the 2006-2007 TV season. Later on this week, after the TV watching I mean, I want to do a little recap of the year. News shows I watch, old shows that I’ve given up on. It’s been an interesting year for sure but most of my shows have left me wanting more, so it looks like it might be a long summer!

Mike Morrison