So you know how on the Hills Whitney always seemed the most unaffected. She didn’t seem to care that she was on a big show and just wanted to work hard. But because she was under contract she was forced to listen to Lauren Conrad talk about things that happened to her and pretend to care. Unfortunately that made Whitney seem to be really really boring.

Well that is all about to change.

MTV announced that Whitney is indeed moving to NYC, getting her own show, (casting her own friends) and will be working for some big fancy designer. It’s someone I’ve never heard off but I am shop at the GAP and Bluenotes so what the hell do I know?!

The show is to premiere sometime in 2009. I’m guessing now that has her own show, someone will tell Whitney to stop pronouncing a k at the end of words that end with ing!

ps. I’m sorry for two Hills posts in a row. There is really no excuse!

Mike Morrison