I’ve been having this internal struggle lately and I’ve decided to turn to you for help.

I love Brian Williams. I find him to be informative, smart and incredibly trustworthy.
So it is easy to say that Brian Williams is easily one of my favourite broadcasters.
My problem lies in deciding which Brian Williams I am talking about.
I mean how do you choose? Sure Brian Williams (left) has been the go-to-guy when it comes to all things Olympics. He makes the massive sporting event relatable for so many Canadians that have never seen sports like the biathlon or the skeleton. Plus how do you not love his rare tongue-in-cheek comments about CTV taking the games from CBC.
But then there is the other Brian Williams (right). I know he’s a
merican and on NBC, so the decision should be easy. But Williams is easily the funniest broadcaster that isn’t on The Comedy Network. I still laugh when I think about the time he hosted SNL. And when I need to watch american news, Williams is the first one I look for.
So who is your favourite? I don’t think I really want to decide!
UPDATE: WOW. I’m glad I didn’t see this live, I would have peed myself. Look at what happened this morning!!!!!

You can also watch the video of these two broadcasting icons meeting! Be still my blogger-heart!

Mike Morrison