We like Charlize Theron right?  Sure she has been in some shit-tastic movies (Aeon Flux) but she also has an Oscar for Monster and has been in some other reasonable and respectable projects: Arrested Development, North Country, The Cider House Rules and The Italian Job. I mean there was a couple of years that she was basically the go-to romantic lead/distraught wife/heroine in distress for any A-list movie.

So I’m confused as to why she has essentially been left out of the promotional material for Will Smith’s newest blockbuster Hancock (opening today).  I mean have you seen her in one trailer for the film?  Is she on the posters?  Has she even been doing press for the movie?  It seems so odd to me for someone who has established a fan following to be completely left out of anything to do with the movie.
I obviously understand that it is a summer blockbuster movie and it really doesn’t need anymore of a draw than Will Smith, especially around USA’s Independence Day.  But doesn’t it seem that her name adds a little bit of respectability to the project?  I mean she has the one thing Will Smith doesn’t, no not a bible, I mean the coveted Oscar statuette.  I would think that if women knew that she was in Hancock they would be that much more inclined to go when their sons, boyfriends and/or husbands (Hi UTAH!) drag them to the movie theatres this week.
And while I realize this is a stretch, would it kill them to awknowledge the mini-Arrested Development reunion that is Charlize and Jason Bateman!!!  Then again they sorta down played a similar reunion on Juno, but still, it’s enough for me to go!
What about you?  Is Will Smith enough draw for you?  Or do we all need a little more Charlize in our life?

Mike Morrison