Can we talk about about bathrooms for a second?

I seriously never understand why some people aren’t scared of them.  I guess I just don’t understand why it is inappropriate to show your business in public and then you walk behind a “magical door” and all of sudden, you can all haul  your stuff out and make all sorts of noises.

And can we talk about those bathroom attendants for a second?  Hands down, worst.job.ever.

It just doesn’t seem right to me.  That is why I hate bathrooms and I’ll never talk about them.

Okay, maybe never.

For a couple of months now, Cintas has been on the lookout for Canada’s Best Restroom.  And just last week, they announced the top five finalists!

The Top 5 are:

Spice Route Asian Bistro & Bar (Toronto)
The Shangri-La Hotel (Vancouver)
Mildred’s  Temple Kitchen (Toronto)
Cactus Club Cafe (Vancouver)
Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto)

You click here to view and vote for your favourite. Since Calgary didn’t make the cut, I can’t choose objectively, but maybe you can?  If you live in Vancouver or Toronto, can you check out these washrooms and let me know which ones I should vote for?

Also, after the Best Restoom has been named, can we look at doing the  WORST restroom, I’ve been in some doozies all over this country!

Mike Morrison