I have a confession.

I never saw The Good Wife. I know, I can practically hearing you yelling at the computer. But I just never got around to it. I certainly always heard how good it was. And I did see one episode, that one where one of the main characters gets shot in the courtroom. I won’t say who, just in case you’re mid-Netflix binge. But the night that aired, I saw people freaking out on Twitter about it, so I switched over to see it and even ended up crying, even though I literally had zero connection.

And then the show ended.

But my The Good Wife story doesn’t end there, and neither does yours. You see, CBS announced a Good Wife spin-off called The Good Fight starring Christine Baranksi, who is just the best. We all know that, right?

But the spin off comes with a big caveat: It’s airing on CBS All Access, the networks online-only channel. And since Canadians can’t even watch SNL clips online, I knew it would be impossible to even fathom watching The Good Fight.

I was bummed, but realizing that I had never seen The Good Wife, realized that it wasn’t that big of deal.

That was until I saw the trailer:



I mean, how can I miss it? It looks so good.

Well, as it turns out, Canadians are in luck because the W Network is coming to our rescue. I saw a commercial last night that said that The Good Fight will air in Canada. Turns out, it premieres Sunday, February 19 at 8 E/P on W Network.

I think this will be my first time watching the W Network (besides Will and Grace every Sunday morning), in a while and if they wanted to continue to pick up shows that were abandoned by the closure of Shomi (I need my Difficult People), then that’d be great!

Thank you W network. See you this Sunday, The Good Fight!

Mike Morrison