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On Wednesday, The Core will be holding one of the biggest fashion shows of the season, as they show Calgarians the best looks for this year’s 100th Stampede. A lot of people think you can just throw on any ol’ pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, but, as most Calgarians know, looking  like a stylish cowboy takes a little bit of work.

For me, my Stampede style is about being comfortable, useful and easy. Stampede is not just a few hours, if you want to do it right, you have figure out a look that will last you the whole day through.

To start,  I have a plethora of plaid shirts, perfect for any party. If you’re smart, you’ll choose a colour that hides BBQ stains, because one cannot be too careful when it comes to devouring countless pulled pork sandwiches.

Next up, the jeans. A nice feel, not too tight. Hipsters do not make good cowboys.  The stampede grounds can be hot, so you want to be comfortable. I always bring a sweater with me, because this is still Calgary and the weather can change in seconds, a good sweater, that looks cool, will go a long way to make sure you stay on the grounds as long as possible. Plus, if the BBQ stain is really big, your sweater can provide extra camouflage.

I still haven’t invested in a good pair of cowboys boots, maybe this year.  Until then, I have a couple of pairs of nice shoes on the ready. Depending on what kind of Stampede party I’m going to, I always have a pair on standby.  If you’re smart, you’ll bring a good bag/man purse with you. Perfect for carrying a camera, some water, but keep it small, you don’t want to waste time having security going digging through it.

Lastly, the hat. Now I didn’t have a cowboy hat until a few weeks ago, but now that I have one, it will definitely come into use, especially because I don’t think it’s particularly cool to watch the rodeo with a bike helmet on. And while some people don’t think those helmets are cool, I’m both a fan of the look of mine and how it keeps my head from becoming dented.  It’s a fashionable accessory, that in my books is a requirement when you’re biking around the city, thus avoiding the influx of traffic.

That’s my Stampede style. What’s yours?

If you need some help, check out the 100 Days of Stampede Style Contemporary Fashion show. July 4th at noon on Stephen Avenue!  I’ll definitely be there, getting as many tips as I can!

Mike Morrison


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