>After 4 staight weekends of travelling ( Banff, Fredericton, Banff and Houston!) I finally had the weekend to enjoy. No work or anything stressful, just lots of TV, shopping (both for clothes and food) and chillaxing.(I picked that up in Houston.)

I find I rarely have this much free time to myself and having this time allowed my mind to travel to far off places and think about things, I’ve never really thought about. I’ve assembled I few of my thoughts below.

Has anyone ever noticed how much Ben Mulroney and Andrew from WHAM look alike. I actually had to do a double take when I saw a picture of Andrew this weekend! I wasn’t sure what it think. If there is a link between these to, it would certainly explain alot! Am I alone here?

Secondly, I was thinking about the Office this weekend. (Both UK and US). I was thinking about what the producers had to consider when re-creating these new characters. The UK ones had become become instant classics! That’s when I stumbled upon this little piece of mystery. So each have an Office classclown, Tim (UK) and Jim (US). That’s clever, but not the mystery, or even a conspiracy.

It has to do with the secretaries. In the UK version her name is Dawn. In the American version its Pam!!!! Don’t you see??? They are both names of dish detergents!!?!!? What does that mean exactly? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty Ben Mulroney has something to do with it!

Also of note:

~Has anyone else noticed that YTV is playing scary movies on Saturday night! Last Saturday it was Scream 3, and this weekend it was Fear. If anyone remembers that movie with Reese and Marky Mark, they remember the rollar coaster scene! I don’t remember that being on YTV when I was a kid!!!

~Today at work Roch Voisine came on the radio and I felt homesick. What does that even mean?


Mike Morrison