I never really had a nickname.  Correction, I never had a nickname that didn’t involve a pastry.   

Unless you have been under a rock (maybe a Black Rock) for the past couple of years, you know that Sawyer is the anti-hero of Lost and perhaps one of the things that he is most famous for are is often scathing nicknames that he comes up with.  Here’s a some examples:
Kate: Sweetcheeks, Freckles
Jack: Doc, Amarillo Slim, Jackass
Sun: Tokyo Rose
Hurley: Lardo, Porkpie
Like I said….scathing
But now thanks to the Sawyer Nickname Generator you can have your own name name all to yourself.  Just fill out a couple of survey questions and in a matter of seconds you have your own nickname to ease you into the traumatic flashbacks of high school that we’ve all paid a lot of money to forget.
So what is my Sawyer inspired nickname?
Let’s just say I share it with a lot of Dorothy’s little friends.
Stupid Sawyer.
(For a little extra fun try to find some for your friends and bring them up the next time you see them…..)

Mike Morrison