>So this past weekend Rapunzel opened and it has already been alot of fun. I wasn’t sure how I would react with 100 kids around, drooling and dripping. You know, like kids do. After the shows are done the cast memebers go to the lobby and stay in character and sign autographs for the little snot rags. This is really fun and the kids actually can be nice. (Who knew) My question is this: Where are parents getting the names of this kids. Saffi? Brytain? Skyla? Its like the mom’s pop out their babies and name them whatever their first sneeze sounds like. Really, what’s next Lightbulb? I mean yes, I know parents don’t want to name their kids traditional names, because they want their kid to be unique, to be special. But let me tell as someone with pretty much the most common name ever, I felt bad for the expression on my face when little Trinity came up and talked to me. TRINITY? what am I supposed to do with that!

Anyway, just a little saturday afternoon rant!

Hope people are planning on coming to the show, maybe they could leave the kids at home.

Mike Morrison