>So the tornado warning’s are gone, and replaced with 40 degree heat. Wow this city is crazier than me when I don’t take my “vitamins”!

Every since I started working for this oil and gas company as gotten bugged by some of my friends saying that I’m working for pure evil. I’ve always felt bad about this, but I usually defend my decision to work where I do, because I work in Employee Development, therefor I’m making better workers, and therfor that makes me feel good!

Today while at a training site here in Houston I was in the kitchen grabbing a tea when I noticed the garbage was filled with pop/soda cans, I looked around and saw a recycle bin for these cans, so since no noe was around, I began rooting through the garbage for cans. “If I recycle, Al Gore will like me” I was thinking. I was pretty much shoulder deep in the garbage rooting for cans when a group of rig workers walked in. I froze, they all stopped talking and stared at me. I chuckled “I love recycling” They continued to walk past me, not saying a word. It was awkward. I feel like I say this alot, but….Damn you Al Gore, Damn you.

Continuing my day of awkward situations in Houston. At the training centre they didn’t have an office for me, so I was using the hubs that the rig workers use to talk to their families and use the computers. They are all sectioned off, so you cannot see other people, for privacy sake, I presume. Today, there were only two people in there, myself and a rig worker who did not seem to be shy. The room was small and conversations were easily overheard. Lets just say…his conversation…um…well….he really really missed his wife. I tried to cough, or make noise, just so he knew he wasn’t alone. This seemed to turn him on. There were descriptions and giggling, and on my part, alot of gagging. This was awkward enough until he hung up and called ANOTHER woman and continued on!!! I’m completly serious! It was maybe the funniest thing, I’ve ever heard!

2 days down in Houston, 3 days to go.

Mike Morrison