I like to think I watch and know good TV. I often brag about how confident in the fact that I usually only watch only the best that TV has to offer. (Offer course I’m ignoring my love of all things MTV reality). My favorites include: Buffy, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, 24 (except last season) and Nip/Tuck. My least favorite include: According to Jim, CSI and Two and a Half Men.

I’m a simple man, I enjoy a great story with even greater stories.

This past season there was one show I kept hearing about and everything I was hearing was good. The show was Friday Night Lights. Which was inspired by the Billy Bob Thornton movie, which in turn came from a book of the same name. All of my favorite critics were drooling over this show and for some reason I just couldn’t imagine getting into it.

I mean let’s be honest for second. Me watching a tv show about football? That would be like my mom putting down the bottle, it just doesn’t seem right.

But this past week, my friend burned the entire first season of the show onto my computer and I finally had the chance tonight to sit down and watch the pilot episode.

I can honestly say that without a doubt it was my favorite hour of television this year. Maybe last year too. Again, I hate football, but this show was so perfect in so many ways that I honestly can’t wait to watch the rest of the 21 episodes. I can’t think of another show that made me feel so many emotions in a 42 minute period. I was feeling things that people told me I didn’t even have! I would also like to apologize to everyone that told me to watch it and still I refused. Apologies also go out to the entire cast and crew of Friday Night Lights. The ratings weren’t that great for this show this season and I feel partially to blame. I am excited for you to come back to us with a brand new second season starting October 5th.The first season will be released on DVD on August 28th (VEGAS!) and I think you would be foolish to pass this show up. Especially all of you One Tree Hill watchers. Seriously, One Tree Hill? Ugh.

Mike Morrison