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We’re all familiar with the question: “Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?” right? Well, what if you were a zombie trying to live in a human world? That’s the question behind iZombie, the Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) created series that streams exclusively on shomi.
iZombie stars Rose McIver as Olivia “Liv” Moore, a 25-year-old medical resident who was on the fast track to a perfect life before a fateful party cruise leaves her as a walking, talking, brain-eating member of the undead. The show is loosely based on the same-titled Vertigo comic book from DC entertainment.

As you might expect, when you’re a zombie living in a human-infested world, life ain’t easy. All the rules change, so over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be teaming up with shomi to share some of my tips for all you zombies out there feeling overwhelmed by trying to fit in. Trust me, I get it. You have to act a certain way, you have to dress a certain way, you have to say things a certain way. It can be exhausting! But fret not, zombies! I’ve been gathering loads of tips and tricks and will be sharing them on Twitter and Facebook! You can check ‘em out by following #TheZombiesGuide.

For example:
When eating brains, don’t just dig right in. Take a few photos for Instagram first. It’s what all the humans do.

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Mike Morrison