>Yeah it’s Friday!!!  Which means, for many people, it’s also pay day!  How exciting is that?  So how are you going to spend your hard earned money?

I have two suggestions.
Rock, Paper Scissors: The Way of the Tosser.  
Easily one of the funniest and most creative independent canadian movies to ever hit the DVD shelves.  Definitely worth picking up.  It’s full of hilarious dialogue that will keep you laughing all weekend long.  The best part is that the DVD extras actually might be funnier than the movie itself.  Worth every penny.  You can pick it up at HMV or the Tosser website. 

The Great Bloomers, Speak of Trouble.
This is more of a follow up, since I asked you all to go out and buy this amazing Canadian CD last week.  And now since one of the last nice weekends of the summer is upon us, now is the perfect time to pick this highly enjoyable disc. If for some unknown reason you are unsure, check out some of their songs on their myspace page.  You’ll see and hear that I’m right.

Mike Morrison