I love numbers, I love stats, I love everything to do with them. That’s why I, like most bloggers, have a statcounter on their blog. Its kinda cool. It can’t count how many people visit your site, where they are from and how long they stayed. It pretty cool. But there is another feature that I’ve recently discovered that has been providing some pretty big laughs for me lately. It’s the “recent key word activity. Basically what this does is explain what “keywords” someone typed into a search engine that led them to reading your blog.

Most of the time they are usually things like, TV stuff (Veronica Mars canceled) or Calgary based stuff ( Vibe 98.5 Gwen Stefani challenge) But because I’ve posted nearly 350 times the way people find Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob have been becoming more and more broard.

I’ve decided to post some of my favorite keyword searches. And if you happen to be some of the people that found this blog through these funny searches, don’t worry, I can’t see who typed them or where they came from. Your identity is safe with google!

The statcounter only keeps the most recent, so I don’t have all of my favorite, but I will try to keep an eye on them and let you know when some funny ones pop up.

My recent favs:

-Is the kid from the Geico commercial really Mike Wallace’s son? (WHAT!?!)

-Chris Jericho’s Hairline (I won’t tell him about this one)

-Mike peeing
(I can only assume this is my mom forgetting my web address)

-Dr.Mike Morrison in Hawaii
(this one made me nervous about what actually went down during that night with too much tequilla)

-Mike’s apartment, Rebecca.
(I thought this was fine, because my name is MIke, I have an apartment and my roommates name is Rebecca. Well that was until I discovered that “Mike’s apartment” is a porn site, and Rebecca is one of his conquests, yikes!)

-Whory Housewives
(Man, what do I write about? And how disappointed do you think this person was?)

How about you? How did you find this blog?

Mike Morrison