Is it me or does it seem like The Rockey Horror Picture Show is EVERYWHERE nowadays.

Last week, the movie’s 35th Anniversary Edition was released on BluRay and tonight Glee will devote a complete episode to the cult classic.  They even released a separate soundtrack of just the Glee songs!  All this is on top of the usual Halloween related mayhem at movie theatres that is associated with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve never been to one but I assume they look much like the first ten minutes of Scream 2.

True fact: I’ve never, ever seen a single scene from the movie. My parents were okay with me watching Arachnophobia but Tim Curry as a Drag Queen?  Noooooooo Way!

So am I missing out?  Or is the movie just too overrated? I mean it doesn’t seem like my kind of movie, but how can I not want to watch something that features whatever the hell is going on here:

Mike Morrison


  1. This weekend, go to the Plaza Theatre in Kensington and watch it there.

    The movie is a cult classic, and should only be watched in a theatre. People yell at the screen, throw toast, confetti, and rice. You get to wear party hats, and dance.

    Just go. The movie is crap. The experience is amazing.

  2. I think here in the lower 48 it is more the experience than the movie itself. When I was much to young to see the movie myself – my oldest sister would go to the midnight showing. You had to have toast and I think a fork to throw at the screen during whatever scene. People would come in costume and stand in the front of the theatre and act out the whole movie. By the time I was old enough that theatre was closed. The multiplexes would never let you get away with that kind of tomfoolery. I actually have never seen it on the big screen. I have seen spoofs on SNL. I think I saw it on video at home but I’m sure the experience was not even close. I love Tim Curry – he is so wicked.
    So my suggestion is read up on the experience – invite friends over to view with you. Dress up in you best Drag – or nerd costume and throw toast at the TV while watching. 😀

  3. It’s not overrated. I saw it this weekend to prepare myself for the Glee episode. 10 minutes in and I was smiling. It’s epic.

    But there are a few details that I think that are better on stage than on film. You should watch it, however. If you can, watch it before Glee, to make sure you understand the episode. 😉

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