>okay, so I was wrong.

I don’t like to admit it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t admit it.

I know I told everyone to watch the cross-over event of Grey’s and Private Practice, but how was I to know that ABC and Shonda Rhimes had no idea what a cross-over was.

Seriously, I cross-over tv event is when characters from different shows show up on another show and actually participate in the story line. A cross-over “event” is not having Derrick pick up the phone in the last scene and say the name of a former character.

Now I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what happened on Private Practice because of uncontrolable circumstances***, but even if people from Grey‘s showed up on Private Practice that doesn’t count. That is just a cross, or an over. It is not a cross-over. Stupid ABC.

What makes me made is that ABC totally had a good episode of Grey’s Anatomy on their hands and they treated it like it some big February sweeps stunt, thus setting it up for the inevitable disappointment. Even more infuriating is that it looks like (see below) there will be two more cross-over episodes next week but then tell us that! Why not say: “an amazing 4 episodes”. Why tease us with a show that many of us are just watching out of habit anyway?

Not cool ABC, not cool at all.

***I got an amazing upgrade at my hotel in Kelowna, BC and I had a jecuzzi tub calling my name.

Mike Morrison