One of my favorite places to go an listen to new and FREE music is the AOL Music site. They have all the new Top 40 singles and most importantly they broadband full and complete upcoming albums commercial free. It’s great to be able to listen to them before doling out the $9,99 it costs on Itunes.

Today I got a chance to listen to the new Foo Fighters album. I was never a big fan of the band until my friend put his entire “Foo” library on my Ipod. The album came out today to buy, but my suggestion is to go to AOL and listen to it because this album is SOOOOO GOOD! I mean really really good. Because my day job requires that I listen to good music all day long for fear of being judged by those who know really good music, I try to make sure that I always have something good playing in the office. Whether it be CBC Radio 3 or Feist, those I work with have no idea that A Rankin Family song is till in my Top 5 most played. I was so happy to find The Foo Fighter’s Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace today because I think I listened to it 4 times, that said, I don’t really trust my taste in music, so I was so happy to get my Entertainment Weekly in the mail today and read this review.

Even if you don’t buy CDs anymore, you should at least consider this one. It is such a good listen. Check it out here.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was meeting with a bunch of the people running for Calgary public office. So far this week I have met with three of them and hope to have my thoughts with Macleans (the person, not the mag) up the end of the day today. Want a little teaser?
I made one of them cry. No joke.

Mike Morrison