>Here is what’s going on on some other cool blogs!

  • Kate Gosselin is adding four more bitches to here brood (xoxojess)
  • MuchMusic is purposely skipping it’s birthday.  Thus solidifying what I’ve always thought: MuchMusic is a whiny woman. (out is through)
  • Sony is launching a new MP3 player…and still misses the point. (The Review Crew)
  • Megan was super cute on TV.  Like super super cute.  (Bellas Box)
  • The Fashion  Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards are open for voting right now.  I’m shocked and saddened by my lack of nomination.  (Canadian Beauty)
  • Corner Gas didn’t get one Gemini nomination.  That’s weird.  (Globe and Mail)
  • Being Erica’s Erin Karpluk made a video just for me!  Okay it’s for you too, but it feels like it’s just for me. (Tv-eh)

Mike Morrison