Have you heard about National Fearless Day?

I’m not sure if it’s government sanctioned yet, but Richard Branson says it’s next Thursday (November 19), so who am I to argue.
It’s being billed as the day where Canadians say, “SCREW IT, LET’S DO IT”. Those in Alberta will be familiar with this phrase as it is uttered hourly during the Calgary Stampede.
To celebrate, you can go the National Fearless Day website and view and read about the many fearless stuff Canadians have submitted and are going to conquer on the 19th!
Between today and the 19th, Canadians are encouraged to vote for the fearless video. Three finalists will be flown to Toronto on November 19 to compete in the National Fearless Championships, created and judged by the fearless entrepreneur himself, Richard Branson!!! The winner will be named Canada’s most fearless persona and win an award of $5,000.
Sadly I didn’t submit my video, mostly because I’m not ready to face my biggest fear: Watching an episode of Two and A Half Men. I think I just don’t have the stomach for it.

Mike Morrison