You can never have enough friends.

I’ve mentioned before that MTV Live has quickly become one of my never miss shows. Hosts Daryn Jones and Nicole Salema always provide a fun and informative half an hour that usually accompanies my morning fruitloops and half rotten banana (note to self: stop buying yellow bananas).

Anyway, earlier this week MTV Live launched a new contest in the vein of one of the worst shows ever created. Paulmance is like Brody Jenner’s Bromance, only without the likely chance of getting an STD. The show will feature three lucky contestants fighting for the friendship of MTV’s intern Paul Lemieux. The bonus? You get to go to Mexico and find out if you have what it takes to be friends with someone who had a boglin living in his pants for way too long…trust me, you don’t want to know.

Having seen the crazy things that Daryn and Paul have come up with before, I’m guessing they won’t make it easy on the potential BFF but it would certainly be a chance of a lifetime.

Applications are open until February 2nd. Should I apply? Should you?

Will The Aftershow ever ask me to be a guest on their show? So many questions!

Mike Morrison