>I’ve purposely not posted about OJ Simpson’s cheap attempt at getting back into the spotlight with his book and TV Interview titled “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened” Referring to if he had killed his wife and her friend, HOW he would have done it. It was to be a two night television event on Fox. Now I don’t usually expect much from the network that ordered a second season of “The War at Home” but cancelled “Arrested Development” (STEVE HOLT!) but I thought this was below the belt. Just today it was announced that the book and interview have been cancelled with regrets from Ruport Murdoch.

However, now that that deal is off the table, I’m left wondering what about my spin off deal that was offered to me late last week. “If I had hair, Here’s how pretty I’d be.” In it, I would have been excited to talk about what I would do if I had the hair that would make even John Stamos jealous. I was going to look at different shampoos I would use and touch on the great debate of leave-in conditioner. Now this all seems to be off the table. Pert Plus my ass!

Thanks OJ, thanks alot.

Mike Morrison