For the past few years, WestJet’s Christmas videos have become as traditional as watching Love, Actually. Every year, the airline finds a way to surprises unsuspecting customers with an unforgettable gift or experiences. The videos perfectly orchestrated tear-jerkers to the point where you see the new video is out and before you start watching it, you grab a box of kleenex, because you know you’ll need it.

And this year’s video is definitely the tear jerker. And let’s be honest, 2016 has given us a lot to cry about. And while we can lament the american elections and other travesties, we can’t forget the town of Fort McMurray, which suffered immeasurably from a wildfire that wiped out much of the town back in May of this year.

I don’t think any of us will forget the images and videos of the fire burning down entire communities. The cries heard in the videos are something I still think about it. And I was just someone sitting at home. I can only imagine what people going through it went through. And for many of them, are still going through.

Enter WestJet.

There’s countless stories of WestJet stepping up during the evacuations with free flights to get people out of there, with pets and all. (Takes moment to tear up.)

And to help the victims of the fire have a better Christmas than they thought would be in store, WestJet got them together for a special surprise.

WestJet hosted almost 1,000 local residents on November 26 at the Snowflake Soiree at Fort McMurray’s MacDonald Island Park. The party was an exciting experience full of surprises for families, including a variety of crafting activities, a performance by Canadian music superstar Johnny Reid and the biggest thrill of all – hundreds of gift boxes containing personalized family portraits and WestJet flight vouchers that arrived by parachute from the sky above the party. It happened all under the watchful eye of WestJet’s Blue Santa.

Seriously before you watch, grab the tissues.

Well done, WestJet.

Mike Morrison